Marijuana: Facts For Teens Brochure

Marijuana: Facts For Teens Brochure

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Marijuana: Facts For Teens Brochure

This is a 20-page full color brochure that will come in handy when teaching the topic of Drug Abuse to Intermediate, Upper Intermediate or Advanced level teenagers. A creative teacher will find tons of authentic texts for reading (use them for any gap-filling activities you like, or use the list of questions as topics for discussions, etc). The 'Marijuana: Facts For Teens' brochure was kindly provided by The US National Institute of Drug Abuse (National Institute of Health) and is also available for public download from their website.


Contents of the brochure:


What is marijuana? Are there different kinds?
How is marijuana used?
How long does marijuana stay in the user’s body?
How many teens smoke marijuana?
Why do young people use marijuana?
What happens if you smoke marijuana?
What are the short-term effects of marijuana use?
Does marijuana affect school, sports, or other activities?
What are the long-term effects of marijuana use?
Does marijuana lead to the use of other drugs?
How can you tell if someone has been using marijuana?
Is marijuana sometimes used as a medicine?
How does marijuana affect driving?
If a woman is pregnant and smokes marijuana, will it hurt the baby? 14 What does marijuana do to the brain?
Can people become addicted to marijuana?
What if a person wants to quit using the drug?


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