Days Of The Week

Days Of The Week

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Make sure your students learn the days of the week in English with this simple game.

Have Ss sit in a circle around you. First say the days of the week yourself, maybe couple of times. Do not write them down on the board though - wait until after the activity.

Now, say 'Monday' and point at one of the students. That student has to name the day after Monday. Then you point at another student who has to name the following day, and so on. The element of surprise is what students love, that is why this activity always works amazingly well. Of course, once Ss are familiar with the days, all you do is increase the pace and start moving your finger faster :) The faster the funnier!

Then you can do it backwards. 

Then you can do a variation of this activity when you can a random day and point at a random student who has to give the name of the following day - or the day before that.

PS: this can also be done with months, seasons, numbers (for lower levels). Remember - to keep it fun you have to make sure the Ss are already familiar with what you're asking them.