Tourist Spots in Ukraine

Tourist Spots in Ukraine

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Tourist Spots in Ukraine
The main lexical focus of this worksheet is describing places.
This worksheet can be used as a hand-out for individual or group work to increase Pre-Intermediate/Low Intermediate students’ awareness of the related vocabulary and enhance their reading comprehension skills.
The lexis is contextualized in a text about tourist spots in Ukraine which makes it perfect for Russian-speaking students of English.
Photocopy the worksheet so that there are enough for each student in your class.
1. Ask students to variegate the text with the suggested adjectives and nouns instead of some. Encourage students’ discussion in pairs. Students may use dictionaries to complete the assignment.
2. Ask them to read the text. Students are supposed to check their answers while the text is being read.
3. In the second part of the task, ask students to replace two adjectives used in the text with their superlative forms changing the rest of the sentences if necessary. When students have finished, ask them to share their answers with a partner.

4. Ask students to read the replacements loud. Encourage discussion. In case students need to be reminded how to build superlatives, prompt their participation.

Please remember: what an individual or class arrives at at the end of parts 1 and 2 of the task is one of many possible answers.

5. An optional follow-up activity for individual or pair work:

Ask students to suggest three paragraph headings in the form of questions.