Feelings and Pictures

Feelings and Pictures

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Discuss with the class how words can express or describe emotions.

Brainstorm vocabulary of emotions and feelings, and ask each student to write down words or expressions that he or she feels confident to use or would like to experiment in using. Tell the class that you are going to give them the opportunity to use some of these words. Display reproductions of several paintings. Use color slides if possible; otherwise use prints or, as a last resort, postcards. The paintings should preferably be lesser known works and/or works with ambiguous subject matter. Ask the students to write down their feelings or impressions as they see each painting. Be sure to allow adequate time for each picture. Divide the class into small groups, and ask them to discuss their impressions and the vocabulary they have used to describe their feelings. Then ask each group to choose a picture and make up a title that sums up the group's feelings about it.


As a variation, you may wish to ask students to mime the feelings they had collectively for a picture.

Each group is to guess, from the mimes, the identity of the other groups' pictures.