Information Extraction

Information Extraction

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Divide the class into groups of three.

One of the persons in each group is the questioner, another is the answerer, and the third is the umpire or referee.

Tell the questioner to write on a slip of paper something he or she wants to know about the answerer, and to give the slip to the umpire. Now tell the questioner that his or her job is to extract the information on the slip from the answerer without directly asking the question he or she has written down. The umpire's job is to make sure that the questioner follows this rule and does not ask the question directly or change a question in midstream.

To do this, the umpire can stop the questioner at any time. You may wish to give each questioner a time limit to expedite the exercise, or you may leave it to the group to impose, or not impose, a time limit.

When the questioner has extracted the information, or the time limit has been passed, the members swap roles or start again.