Create You Own Story

Create You Own Story

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Story-inventing is not only a nice way to improve speaking and writing skills but also is useful for revision of word stock and grammatical basis especially after a long break. One of the simplest ways of creating a story consists in choosing from beforehand –prepared-by-the-teacher phrases.


But there are several other ways. You can ask each student to list their summer associations and thus to prepare word basis of a story. Another well- known way is to create a ‘mutual’ story combined from separate sentences offered by each student.


Here is one more story-creating method: You’ll need a prepared matrix of a story ( you can either take an already existing short story or coin your own).

The only rule is that the story must contain missing words (you leave just their first letters) and thus space for imagination.

It’s not obligatory to limit the choice of words by one particular topic.

Students may do this task in groups or individually. In the last case the winners may be chosen from the view point of right spelling and sense of humor.



The most w…( wonderful, weird) vacation

A bright o…( orange, onion-smelling, opal) sun was pouring its r… (rich, rabid) light upon a d… ( deserted, dark) b…( beach, bunker).

A l…(large, lonely) o… ( ogre, ostrich, ostler) was lying on the sand…