Getting to Know Your Teacher

Getting to Know Your Teacher

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An ice-breaker to allow students to know their teacher better by asking and answering questions about him/her. The idea is to ask students to write personal questions they would like to ask to and about their teacher. what they don't know is that THEY will first answer the questions as if they were the teacher.


I sometimes use it with A level students so that they will speak during the very first lesson of the school year and they will know me better before we start working together.

1. I ask them to ask write at least 5 questions they would like to ask me and I tell them there are no forbidden questions as long as they aren’t any “rude” ones.

2. While they are writing their questions, I write their names on the board.

3. When they have finished writing, I tell them that they are all going to answer 2 questions (5 is a bit too long) as if they were me, so they stand in front of the class one by one and answer the students’ questions for me; if their answer is correct I write 1 point on the board next to their names and if it isn’t correct I write an X. Each student must ask at least two questions so that the so-called teacher must also answer twice. The same question can be asked twice if it hasn’t been answered properly by a previous student.

4. By the end of the game, every student will have spoken at least four times, asking and answering questions and they will have learnt quite a lot about me. If they can’t find the correct answer to a question, I answer the question myself at the end of the game.