The Longest Tail Is The Winner!

The Longest Tail Is The Winner!

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Divide the group in small teams, give a piece of paper to each team, the warmer is called "The longest tail is the winner".

So, ask your students to cut the paper (without using scissors/just with their hands) to get "the longest tail".

Tell them that they have just three minutes to get the longest tail. So that they start and after ten seconds, play a song (retro music is better to give pressure). While they are working, remind them the phrase "The longest tail is the winner".

When time is over, verify who has the longest tail and say: Here we have the longest tail. Then, you take another tail and join it with another one from other team. Here you will say: Do you remember the instruction? The instruction was: THE LONGEST TAIL IS THE WINNER, And explain that they could get a longer tail if they'd worked together...


Finally, tell them that the same happens if we work helping each other to learn English...

They'll get a lot of fun and you`ll teach them to work in teams.