The Definitions Game

The Definitions Game

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The teacher cuts up paper, preferably waste paper, into little squares, writes an English word on the paper, folds it in half, and hands it to a student. The student must NOT say the word on the paper!!!

That is very important!


The student must communicate the defintion to the class, and the class tries to guess the word. The student can use body language to try to convey the meaning, and obtain help from a friend sitting next to him/her if so desired. What are you doing? First player turns to next and mimes an action, say brushing their teeth. The person next to them asks "what are you doing" the first person says anything but brushing their teeth, say "I'm tying my shoelaces" that person now starts miming tying their shoelaces and the person next to them asks "what are you doing" they could say "I'm flying a kite" and then that person starts miming flying a kite then next person in the circle asks "what are you doing" and so on… Whispering. (V) This game is great for reviewing vocabulary. Place two sets of flashcards on the board. Draw a line on the board to separate team A from team B. Have each team form a row, straight from the board to the back of the room. (At this point you should have two rows of students facing the board.) The teacher should move to the back of the rows and whisper 3 or 4 of the flashcards into the back two students ears,at the same time. The student at the back must whisper these cards to the student in front of him/her IN THE ORDER HE/SHE HEARD THEM.

That student must whisper the flashcards to the student in front him, and so on, until the words have travelled all the way to the front of the row. The student at the front must jump out of his or her seat and grab the mentioned flashcards and stick them to the whiteboard in the order heard. After that round is over, the students at the front of the class move to the seats at the back, and everyone else slides up a seat. This game is a lot of fun, but it will make your class a little hyper!