Phrasal Verb Dicing

Phrasal Verb Dicing

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A dice and a dictionary (or list) of phrasal verbs with examples for each six students..

Write six verbs (e.g. GO,COME,GET,TAKE,PUT,GIVE) and six advebial particles (e.g.OFF,AWAY,OUT,UP,BACK, OVER)in two separate columns on the board and number the items in each column from 1 to 6. If you use different verbs or particles, make sure that all 36 combinations give at least one meaningful phrasal verb (the students may not necessarily have met every combination before.) Each team takes it in turns to throw the dice - twice.

This will produce random phrasal verbs (e.g. 2+1 in the above list gives COME+OFF).The team then has time to produce an unambiguous explanation of the phrasal verb (e.g. the wheel of the car came off because the nuts were loose).

The other team may challenge it and provide a correct version. The teacher is the final arbiter of any disputes. (TIP: new examples for the same combinations are allowed. – this has students listen VERY carefully.)