Office Nameplates Ice-breaker/Warmer

Office Nameplates Ice-breaker/Warmer

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This is a warm-up activity that would probably take up to five minutes of your time. The idea isn't mine, but I liked it very much and decided to make the instructions and to share it with you. It can be fun both for children and adults.


First: Give your students a sheet of paper each. Ask them to fold it following your instructions, so that it would look like an office name plate that people usually have on their desktops.

Next: Ask them to write their first name in the lower part here, so that there would be some space left above.

Remember to tell them to write distinctly in big letters.


Then: Brainstorm adjectives describing personality. Ask them to think of an adjective that would start with the same letter as their name that would describe their personality (e. g. Smart Sophia ). Ask them to put it on their name plates above their name. Finally:


Let each student introduce himself/herself to the class: I’m smart Sophia. This activity can take up to 5 minutes. You may find it useful as a back to school activity when you have some new students in your class or you start teaching a whole new group of students. It will be useful as a warmer for a personality description revision lesson too.