45 Beginner Coloring Pages

45 Beginner Coloring Pages

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45 Beginner Coloring Pages

If you're teaching (or are about to start) a group of younger learners, they'll LOVE these high quality coloring pages for basic shapes, coloring page puzzles, imagination and motivation coloring pages, and many, many more neat little pages!

Each has a sentence or two (most often a question) suggesting an idea to the pupil so that s/he knows what to draw/color about. Those hints are very interesting and will motivate them to do the task.

These coloring pages were kindly provided by Crayola and are available on their website for free download.


Examples of coloring pages:

-Along The Street

-Build A Shape

-Flowers In The Garden

-Fold And Color

-Good Morning, Good Night

-How A Hug Feels

-Out My Window

-Soft And Furry Blanket

and more! 


There are 45 (!) professional coloring pages for your beginner learners to choose from.