16 Mobiles For Your Students: Projects

16 Mobiles For Your Students: Projects

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16 Mobiles For Your Students: Projects

You must be wondering right now about the title, aren't you? '16 mobiles for my students, huh? What does it have to do with teaching English, and why sixteen?'

Well, we are not gonna be giving them cell phones :) that's for sure!

A mobile is a kind of paper sculpture that you hang from the ceiling or a lamp. 

This collection (kindly provided by Crayola on their website for free download) contains 16 worksheets. Each of them is a separate project where your students will be creating a mobile. 

Each mobile worksheet contains a description of how it should be put together.


Here's what mobiles are in there:


Bring On The Music

Sunny Daze

Centipede Garland

Heart Mobile

Dental Health Mobile

Dog Sled Mobile

Breakfast Mobile

Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Yo-yo Mobile

Bird Mobile

Garden Mobile

Sun Windsock

Star and Moon Mobile


Under The Sea