22 Health and Safety Worksheets for ESL Students

22 Health and Safety Worksheets for ESL Students

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Every ESL student needs to have a list of health-related words in their vocabulary. Students should be able to express any pain or discomfort in English. This is essential, especially when traveling to an English speaking country. We have rounded up a list of
Health and Safety worksheets to help build your students’ health-related vocabulary. Let us jump right in.


22 Health and Safety Worksheets for ESL Students


Health And Safty Worksheets For Elementary Esl Students

The following caters to the complete beginner, Elementary, and younger learners. And as such,  utilizes visual aids to help learners grasp concepts quickly. 

  • Health - In this worksheet, students would be introduced to the following words: Back, Ill, A Stomach Ache, Arm, Foot, A Temperature, A Headache, A Toothache, A Sore Throat, A Cold, Sick, and Cough. In this lesson, students need to match the word or phrase to the corresponding picture.   

  • Talk about Illnesses - This worksheet comprises of two activities. In the first activity, students are required to complete sentences by filling in the blanks. In the second activity, students are required to write advice to people using the words provided. 

  • Pains and Aches - In this worksheet, students must match the corresponding illness to the correct picture. Your learner would be given eight options to choose from.

  • Bingo - Health - This activity brings a slight twist to the traditional game Bingo. Like the other worksheets before it, it’s designed to help students build their health-related vocabulary. Here is how it works; Print out different bingo cards for each child and a  call sheet. Cut out the call sheet and put the squares into a hat or bowl. Hand out one bingo card to each child (each card should be different). The caller should pull out one image, describe it, showing it to the children. The children will then place small objects such as foam pieces or coins on the called image if it is on their card. Once a predetermined pattern is made on a card, the child with that card calls out bingo.

  • Speaking Card, Health - This worksheet works best with large classes. It comprises of five health-related questions. Students can be separated into small groups and take turns interviewing each other using the questions provided.

  • Health Vocabulary - In this activity, students much categorize the given words into one of two categories. This exercise is perfect for reviewing health-related terms. 

  • Should and Shouldn't Exercises - This worksheet contains two sections. In section one, students must complete sentences by filling in the blanks using SHOULD or SHOULDN’T. In the second exercise, students must give advice based on the scenario provided. 

  • First Aid Kit PowerPoint -  This 11 slide PowerPoint focuses on items associated with first aid kits. It includes words such as Ice pack, thermometer, bandages, soap, blanket, and more. 

  • In Shape - This 22 point presentation focuses on healthy habits such as eating healthy, getting enough rest, proper dental care, and more. 

  • Going to the Doctor - In this worksheet, students will have to identify the various remedies at the top of the sheet. In the second section of the worksheet, participants can match the symptoms with the remedies and provide instructions for use.


Health and Safety Vocabulary

Health And Safty Worksheets For Intermediate Esl Students

  • Health and Illnesses - This PowerPoint presentation incorporates tons of visual aids to help your intermediate students expand their vocabulary. 

  • Health Vocabulary Printable Worksheet - In this exercise, the teacher must print and cut the words into small strips of paper and have the students match the words to the corresponding definition. 

  • Getting a Cold - This reading and comprehension exercise not only helps build health-related vocabulary but also helps raise students’ awareness of how to look after themselves if/when they catch a cold.

  • At the Doctor's - Perhaps one of my students’ favorites, ‘at the Doctor’s’ is a guided role-play for intermediate-level students. The goal is to allow students to describe how you feel, asking for, and giving advice.

  • Can't Quit -  This reading and comprehension exercise focuses on a man’s inability to quit smoking permanently. It highlights his struggles while attempting to stop smoking. Students must read and answer a few questions based on the short passage.

Upper-Intermediate Advanced ESL Students

  • Health Vocabulary Worksheet - This worksheet features a crossword puzzle and a table in which students much fill out using the appropriate corresponding words. This exercise can be done either orally or in writing.

  • Hospital Procedures Vocabulary - This worksheet includes unique medical vocabulary such as Fetal Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Carotid Ultrasound. It also makes use of visual aids to help students remember the terms. 

  • More Serious Health Problems Worksheet - In this worksheet, students must match the sentence to the corresponding picture. The sheets feature more complicated medical terms such as Dipsomania, Chemotherapy, and Transfusions.

  • Movie Worksheet: Health Problems ( Big Bang Theory) - I love this exercise. I may be biased because Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time. In this exercise, students are asked to watch episode 10 of season 6 and answer 18 questions based on the show. 


If you found these activities helpful, consider reading What You Can Do with Food.


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