Travel, Countries, & Languages ESL Worksheets

Travel, Countries, & Languages ESL Worksheets

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Learning about travelling, other cultures, and languages is always fun, and there are plenty of ways to introduce these topics to your ESL students. If you're planning lessons around countries and nationalities, these travel worksheets will be extremely helpful, and students will love them. Feel free to use them for online classes, home learning, and distance learning, as well!

Resources range from beginner to more advanced levels, and each worksheet notes which levels they are best for. You can download and/or share any of the exercises on this list and use them in your classroom or home learning actvities.  

Travel, Countries, and Languages ESL Worksheets


Travel, Countries, & Languages ESL worksheets

  1. 1

    Countries and Nationalities

    Introduce new countries and nationalities to beginner ESL students with this beautifully-simple worksheet! It lists several different countries and their flags, as well as a line that states "I am German," and the student has to fill in the blank that says "I am from _Germany_." This is an excellent way for young learners to get to know other areas of the world, and they will love spotting their home country on the sheet!

  2. 2

    Travel Board Game

    Turning any lesson into a game is always a success. This ESL activity is best suited for more advanced students, as it covers topics like vocab, present simple, past simple, and present perfect. It's also ideal for students who are familiar with travelling and other countries around the world since it asks questions about specific countries. For example, one of the questions asks "What do you call a person from Switzerland?"

  3. 3

    Travelling Worksheet

  4. Here's a simple, fun worksheet that uses a conversation between a receptionist and a tourist to practice travel-related vocabulary. In the second part of the exercise, students will match common actions and nouns you would use to describe a trip, such as airplane, to the corresponding image. This is a great activity for pre-intermediate or intermediate students who have some exposure to travelling vocabularly. 
  5. 4

    Travel & Tourism

    If you have advanced or exam level students, you can use this resource as a conversation activity. It's a PowerPoint presentation with several slides of questions related to travel and tourism. You can use them as an exercise for the whole class, break students up into groups, or even do one-on-one conversations. Some of these questions include:

  • Do you like travelling?
  • What are the advantages of camping?
  • Do you like going camping or staying in a hotel?

Travelling worksheets ESL
    1. 5

      Country, Nationality, Language

      Turn an average lesson plan into a competition with this fun game! Students will break off into pairs and see who can complete the worksheet the fastest. It shows a collection of images that represent different countries, and students have to fill in the country, nationality, and language. There are images that represent countries from all over the world like the Statue of Liberty for the United States, pyramids for Egypt, and a man wearing a sombrero for Mexico. 

    2. 6

      Countries, Nationalities and Capitals

      This is one of my favorite countries worksheets for ESL students - or any students, really! The instructions prompt them to cut out flags from different countries and place them in the appropriate spot on the world map. Not only does this help students learn which flags belong to which country, but it also helps them be able to locate where the countries are. This activity is ideal for beginner through pre-intermediate levels. 

    3. 7

      Countries and Nationalities Bingo

      If your elementary-level ESL students are learning about countries and nationalities around the world, you've got to host this version of bingo in the classroom. Each card has assortment of nationalities written on it. The teacher will call out the names of countries, and the students will have to associate those countries with the nationalities on their cards. You can have the students say the nationality to give them speaking practice, and then they will cross it out on their bingo sheet. 

    4. 8

      Countries, Capitals, Languages Word Search

      Word searches are an excellent way to introduce new vocabularly or topics to ESL students before diving into the meaning of these new concepts. With this activity, students will get some exposure to the names of countries and capitals around the world, as well as different languages. They will have a word bank with things like Russian, French, and Brazil, and will have to find those places/languages within the text. 

    5. 9

      Air Travel

      If you have students who have travelled on an airplane - particularly out of their country - this game is a great way to introduce travel-related ESL vocabulary like land, take off, duty-free, and passport. To play, you'll split the class into two groups, and place the cards upside down. Each team will take turns selecting a card and answering the question on it. Whichever team answers the most correctly wins! 

    6. For more ESL resources related to travel, countries, and nationalitities, check out these 639 countries worksheets!

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