9 Objects Worksheets - Classroom & Household Objects

9 Objects Worksheets - Classroom & Household Objects

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9 Objects Worksheets - Classroom & Household Objects

From classroom objects to personal items to household belongings, these objects worksheets will help your students learn basic vocabularly and describe the world around them. These activities are great for beginner ESL students, preschoolers, and kindergartenders who are learning from home, online, or in a classroom. Ranging from wordsearches to bingo cards and movie worksheets, students and teachers will enjoy a variety of ways to learn about objects. 

9 Objects Worksheets

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    Classroom Objects Worksheet

    In this two-part worksheet, preschool and early elementary students will be asked to match the word with the correct image of a classroom item. Then, they will need to read the instructions that tell them which color to make the object. The activity covers objects like rulers, glue, and crayon. It is an extremely basic activity that's perfect for students who have just entered a classroom environment or are being introduced to simple site words. 

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    Personal Objects Wordsearch

    This wordsearch worksheet is filled with animated images of personal objects like a computer, camera, and wallet. Beginner ESL students will be asked to identifiy each image and find the corresponding word within the wordsearch. This is a great warmup to give them before class starts or for extra practice at home. 

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    Everyday Objects Bingo Cards (4x4, 9 cards)

  4. Turning learning into a game is always a great idea, no matter what level you're teaching. These bingo cards will help teach students common objects like toothbrush, chopsticks, comb, and fork. While most worksheets on this list are reading/writing focused, this one incorporates listening, which will help further engrain these terms into your students' memory. When you call out the word, students will have to associate what they've heard with the image on their board. If your students are just beginning, you can have them write the terms underneath the images before you start your first round. 
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    House and Clothing Items

    Some of the most important words ESL students need to learn are everyday objects like house and clothing items. This will help them communicate with their peers, people out in public, and family members. This objects worksheet has two sections - the first asks students to 'look and write' what they see in the associated images (clothing), and the second prompts them to 'count and write.' They will look at an image of a house and answer questions like 'How many rectangles do you see?' and 'How many squares do you see?' 

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    Colours and Objects

    Incorporating colors into any lesson is an excellent way to engage a student's memory. They've been working on identifying these colors their entire lives, so it triggers a sense of familiarity when paired with a new subject or set of vocabularly words. This objects worksheet is excellent for beginners and focuses on having students name common items and identify its color. For example, students will answer "green grass" when they see an image of the grass. 

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    What Are Objects Made Of?

    Once students get a grasp on common everyday objects, it's a great time to introduce a new question to them: what are these objects made of? This worksheet offers practice to learners wood, plastic, metal, and glass and associates them with typical objects made out of those materials. In the activity, students will be asked to review an object and write in which material it is made from. Some objects could be produced from multiple materials, so remind students they can write more than one word as an answer when it makes sense to do so. 

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    Clothing Flashcards

  9. A solid set of flashcards is a must for any classroom. If you're teaching your students objects, or you have a little one at home and want to provide them with some extra practice, these clothing flashcards are the perfect option. Each of the 40 cards features a vibrant, realistic image of a clothing item, accessory, or pair of shoes along with the term written underneath it. You can use these cards to practice reading the objects' names, or you can fold the bottom part of the card under and have students recall the name of the object by looking at it. The options are endless!
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    Electronic Devices

    Use this worksheet to put your students to the test. Can they name all seven of the electronic devices? Some may be before their time if you're teaching young ones, so it will be fun to see what they are able to answer. It's a simple matching exercise where students will be asked to choose terms from a wordbank and write them next to the appropriate image. Does anyone in Gen Alpha know what an MP3 player is? You're about to find out!

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    Home and Office Vocabulary

    Whether you have an adult learning ESL for the first time or a young student expanding their vocabulary, this home and office objects worksheet will help them practice indentifying and recalling the words for common items like blanket, coffee maker, filing cabinet, and doorbell. All they have to do is match the words with the phrases. To make this worksheet more advanced, you can remove the wordbank and have them recall the terms from memory. 

Whether you're students need some extra practice with beginner ESL terms or they are just starting out with learning common words, these worksheets and actvities will aid them in their journey to mastering the language. For more speaking, reading, and writing practice, check out these awesome site words worksheets