14 Intriguing Science Worksheets & Printables

14 Intriguing Science Worksheets & Printables

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From the rock cycle to the solar system, there's so much to explore about science. And while it may be one of the more complex subjects to teach, it can be one of the most rewarding when students start to see the world through a new lense.

If you're looking for activities to supplement your current lessons, you've come to the right place! We have hundreds of science worksheets, but these are 14 of our favorites. Keep in mind, each worksheet is labeled with a recommended grade-level or education stage, but many of them are suitable for multiple levels. You can use these worksheets as warmups before class starts, homework assignments, or additions to your lesson plan. 

14 Intriguing Science Worksheets & Printables

  1. 1

    What is a Gas?

    This science worksheet dives into the basics of gas, including characteristics of the matter and facts young learners will find fascinating. After reading about the componeents of gas and how it interacts with the world, students will get the chance to answer comprehensive questions about the material they just learned. The quick assessment is a mix of true or false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions. This activity is geared towards students in 4th or 5th grade (year 5). Bonus: you can pair this worksheet with the following two activities to give your students a well-rounded understanding of what the Earth is made up of. 

  2. 2

    What is a Solid? 

    Once your students know all about the complexities of gas, it's time to move onto solids! Tying these science worksheets together is a great way to give your students an overview of the different matter that surrounds us, and each one of them will surely be able to list examples of solids they interact with in their daily lives. However, this activity goes more in depth about the topic, from the colors and textures of solids to some interesting fun facts. "What is a Solid?" is perfect for grades four and five. 

  3. 3

    What is a Liquid?

    Liquid is often one of the easiest matters for students to understand because it is familiar to them. However, with this science worksheet, they will learn about how it differs from solids and gases, as well as the different purposes for it, from drinking water to vehicle fuel to the blood that flows through our veins. Similarly to the previous two worksheets, this activity is best suited for grades 4 and 5, and it starts out with a reading exercise and wraps up with a set of questions.  

  4. 4

    Science Memes 

    Learning about science often means complicated vocabularly and new, confusing concepts - at least in the eyes of students. Give your class a break by sharing this fun and engaging worksheet with them! It shows a collage of science memes with humorous jokes on them. Each pun requires a bit of basic knowledge about the person or object in the meme, so encourage your students to do some research on why the meme is funny and what it has to do with science. This activity is great for teens or young adult learners. 

  5. 5

    Different Types of Soil

    Not all soil is made equal! Teach your students about the different kinds of soil and their purposes. They will certainly be surprised at the complexities of dirt and the many live organisms that live inside of it. This worksheet dives into the details in a reading activity, which is then followed by a short assessment at the end of the worksheet. The activity is great for young learners in 3rd grade. 

  6. 6

    The Rock Cycle

    Is the rock cycle a part of your annual curriculum? It's is an essential lesson in a young learners life - one they will remember for years to come. This activity explores the different types of rock on the Earth and how they change over time. From volcano eruptions to changes in weather patterns, your students will be experts on the rock cycle in no time. If you've got students in 3rd grade, this is a perfect science worksheet for them. 

  7. 7

    Humans in 1,000 Years - Movie Worksheet

    Movie worksheets are the best from time to time because you give your students something to enjoy while still teaching them about a topic. After watching the short video detailing the way humans have changed and will continue to do so, your students will love applying science to their theories on the future of humanity. What do you think people will be like in a thousand years from now? 

  8. 8

    Bill Nye The Science Guy (Electricity) - Video 

    Who doesn't love Bill Nye? Watching The Science Guy is everyones' favorite science class memory from school, so your students will surely love learning all about electricity it works. Have them watch the episode attached to the worksheet and follow along with the questions on the sheet. This worksheet gives you questions to ask your students about the video, as well as related vocabulary. Keep in mind, this activity is for intermediate or high school aged students.

  9. 9

    The Earth's Orbit (Reading Comprehension)

    If you're in need of a reading comprehension worksheet, this science-focused activity is a great option. Students in 5th grade should review the information at the top of the worksheet, carefully absorbing the facts about the Earth's orbit and all the planets that it crosses. Then, students will take their newly found knowledge and apply it in a short assessment, which you can use for practice or as a grade. 

  10. 10

    Solar System Quiz  
    If your students have been learning about the solar system, this 10-question worksheet is a great way to test them on their skills. Becoming experts on these fun facts will excite your students and have them dying to learn more about the planets and stars. This quiz is ideal for students in 5th grade but can accomodate most elementary and pre-intermediate levels. 

  1. 11

    Astronomy - Fact or Opinion?

    This astronomy-themed worksheet helps students practice spotting the difference between a fact or an opinion, which is oftentimes a theme that shows up throughout science class. It's a great change of pace from other science assignments and may be well-suited for a warm-up activity at the beginning of class. "Astronomy - Fact or Opinion?" is created for elementary schoolers, particularly those in 4th grade. 

  2. 12

    COVID-19 Global Solutions

    Regardless of where you're located, the pandemic has made a huge impact on education systems everywhere. It's important to discuss with students how the virus is spreading, as well as ways to protect ourselves and those around us. In this science worksheet, students will read a brief into about COVID-19 and fill in the advantages and disadvantages of certain global solutions, like quarantine, avoiding air travel, and closing borders. This activity is best for elementary and pre-intermediate students. 

  3. 13

    What is an Omnivore?

    If you're studying the food chain, animals, and their habitats, this worksheet is an excellent option. It focuses on reading comprehension, teaching students several facts about omnivores, their lifestyles and eating habits, as well as different species of omnivores. Once students read through the informative text, they will answer seven questions to put their knowledge to the test. This elementary school worksheet is ideal for 4th graders.  

  4. 14

    Natural Wonders of the World

    Last but not least, the Natural Wonders of the World worksheet is an interactive activity that teaches students all about the most beautiful places in the world, like Mount Everest, Niagara Falls, Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, and the Sahara Desert. Throughout the activity, students will watch video clips that show these locations and share interesting facts about each of them. Then, they will answer follow-up questions to lock-in their newfound knowledge. This science activity is great for pre-intermediate or intermediate students. 

Science is a great way for young learners to explore the world and learn more about themselves, others, and the world around them. 

And as fascinating as science lessons can be, it can be difficult to get students to engage if they are not interested in the topic or simply do not understand it. Science is a subject that many students struggle with in general. Remember to stay patient and weave in fun, interactive activities and worksheets like the ones we've listed above. And for more science ideas, check out these 5 Secrets to Writing Lesson Plans

If you found a worksheet in this article that you love, please feel free to share this page with other teachers! 

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