116 Cool Color Food Flashcards + Boardgame

116 Cool Color Food Flashcards + Boardgame

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116 Cool Color Food Flashcards + Boardgame
This game is called Pyramyd Go Fish, and it is meant for kids to get introduced to the topic of healthy eating and nutrition balance. However, it's amazing for any other food-related activities, as it contains 116 (!) color flashcards with all types of food you can imagine!

Some of the food items included in the flashcards:


bagel, baked apple, beef jerky, bisquit, baked botato, banana, brown rice, blueberries, brownie, pineapple, cantaloupe, and many, many more!


Moreover, each flashcard has a note indicating which group it belongs to (vegetables, grains, fruits, meats and beans, milk, etc).


The Pyramyd Go Fish game is kindly provided by the US Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service, and is also available from their website for free download. 


Instructions on how to play the Pyramyd Go Fish game are also included.