25 Reasons Why We Love English Language Teachers

25 Reasons Why We Love English Language Teachers

Stacy Zeiger
by Stacy Zeiger 8,944 views

Every year in the United States, Teacher Appreciation Week is held during the second week of May. It's a time to stop and recognize teacher for all of the hard work they do. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week and all of the teachers who support and aid in our week here at BusyTeacher, we thought we'd take some time to share some of the reasons we love language teachers.


  1. They open students' eyes and minds to a new world.
  2. They celebrate the smallest milestones with their students.
  3. They communicate with students who often don't speak their language.
  4. They can speak more than one language.
  5. They can listen to awkward translations without cracking a smile (sometimes).
  6. They can spot a misspelled word from a million miles away.
  7. They know the difference between past tense, present tense, and future tense.
  8. They can conjugate verbs in their sleep.
  9. They let students watch TV shows in class... for the sake of learning.
  10. They let students listen to popular music in class... for the sake of learning.
  11. They let students watch movies in class... for the sake of learning.
  12. They have an archive of movie clips to teach nearly every element of grammar.
  13. They know the difference between who and whom without having to look it up.
  14. They have perfect pronoun-antecdent agreement in their sentences.
  15. They know the meaning of every idiom under the sun.
  16. They appreciate a punny joke for its play on words.
  17. They have mastered the art of talking about nearly every topic.
  18. They are great at role playing.
  19. They often have to teach more than one subject.
  20. They embrace the culture of their students.
  21. They embrace the culture of the language they teach.
  22. They are champions for diversity.
  23. They recognize the value of seeing the world.
  24. They come up with creative ways of teaching English.
  25. They know busyteacher.org is the best place to find English language learning materials!

Thank you for all of the work you do as English language teachers. We know you work hard every day and we're glad that we can be a part of that!

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