How to Use Online Lessons in the Classroom

How to Use Online Lessons in the Classroom

Stacy Zeiger
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A simple YouTube search will reveal thousands, if not millions, of free online video lessons for language users. These lessons are designed to help students learn English on their own, but they also work well to help students learn English within the classroom. Rather than spending hours creating PowerPoints and other materials for students, you can harness the power of free online video lessons to help your students learn.

Use Lessons to Review Material

Online video lessons are a great way to help students review what they have already learned. Many lessons are only a few minutes long and are perfect for the beginning of the end of class. For example, you may show a video lesson at the beginning of class to help review what students learned the day before. This will also give you time to take attendance and address any other issues you need to take care of before officially starting class. At the end of class, a video lesson can serve as a great way to review what students were just taught. You can give students a question to answer while they watch the video and collect it as a ticket out the door.

Use Lessons for Struggling Students

If you have students struggling with a particular concept, you can direct them towards specific online video lessons that will help them learn that concept. It's important for you to review the videos you give students to watch at home so that you can be sure they cover the areas where a student is struggling and present the material in a way the student can understand. You may want to give a struggling student an assignment based on the video to ensure he/she actually watches it.

Use Lessons as Pre-Teaching

Flip your classroom by having students watch online video lessons at home to introduce them to a concept, and then spend class time having students practice the material. This can ensure that students get a basic understanding at home, and then you can help them with the more difficult concepts and application while they are in class.

Use Lessons with Substitutes

If you have a substitute teacher, an online video lesson can be a great tool to leave for students. You may not be sure what substitute you will get or how that substitute will be able to prevent materials to your students. With a video lesson, you know exactly what instruction your students will encounter that day.

Use Lessons to Show Different Teaching Styles

Sometimes your students may not respond to your style of teaching. Online lessons allow you to expose your students to multiple teaching styles. Look for lessons that show different strategies, voices, and backgrounds. Switching things up every once in a while may help students learn better.

A simple YouTube search will reveal tons of lessons for students. You can also find free video lessons on sites such as

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