11 Amazing Teachers' Room Motivational Posters

11 Amazing Teachers' Room Motivational Posters

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11 Amazing Teachers' Room Motivational Posters

Every ESL/EFL teacher needs a place to hide from his or her students smile 

Most of the times, this is your Teachers' Room where students are not allowed, and where you have your own desk, coffee mug, piles of papers everywhere, and your fellow teachers. 

This is a place where you check and grade the test papers, have a snack, kick the photocopier when it's being 'naughty' again, ... well - this is where you spend a lot of time before and often after teaching.
Can we make it prettier? Yes, we can! (©)  

Today we're presenting a collection of 11 cool posters and other motivational stuff that will make your teachers' room oh so much more fun to be in!


These printables are all from the 'Hoops and Yoyo' series that we all love, they all feature these cute Hallmark's characters that make you smile when you look at them.


These posters were kindly made available by Hallmark on their website for free download.


Some of the posters also contain some motivational phrases, such as 'Mondays are like Broccoli: you have to eat it before you get dessert'!


Do you like them? Please let us know in the comments, because we got more!