8 Killer Topics with Real Life Appeal for ESL Homemakers

8 Killer Topics with Real Life Appeal for ESL Homemakers

Andrea Pesce
by Andrea Pesce 17,726 views

Have you ever wondered why housewives are so desperate?

Running a house is sometimes tougher than running a company. They have a lot of responsibilities, and balancing family life with new and unexpected events such as moving to a different country, can really pile on the pressure. This is something that happens to many families, and most of the time it’s work related. So, in this type of situation, ESL teachers often focus a lot of attention on the father who will need to work abroad, and on the kids who will need to go to school. But, what about the moms? I can assure you, her need to study the new language is just as urgent as everybody else’s in the family. Remember, she is in charge of practically everything. So, let’s dedicate some time to the wives and moms who do so much for their families. Here are 8 killer topics they’ll be very grateful for.

Choose These Topics to Interest a Group of Housewives

  1. 1

    Cash or Charge?

    We all need to shop, right? For moms though, it’s also a responsibility. They have to buy clothes for the kids, groceries and whatever else the family needs. Some useful activities would be:

    • Online research about local stores and price range.
    • Asking about products (prices, sizes and colors)
  2. 2

    There Is No Place Like Home

    When people live abroad it is very common for others to ask about their native country. This is particularly true in social situations. Sharing this information is important because it shows the local people that the newcomers are open and friendly. The following activities are very practical for this goal.

    • Talking about their native country and what city they are from; describe what it is like
    • Descriptions about the local people and their language
  3. 3

    Welcome to Our Party

    There is nothing like a party to show how open you really are and how important your new friends and neighbors are. Hosting and attending events like dinners, parties and barbecues go a long way and students should become aware of that. Some great activities for this are:

    • Inviting other to their events; accepting and declining invitations
    • What can I bring to the party? Asking about local customs
  4. 4

    The Family

    Taking care of a family requires a lot of special attention, and it is also necessary to give others information about them. Kids usually start making friends right away; that’s when they start getting invitations for play dates and other activities. Moms have to be prepared to provide information about them to other parents and even teachers at school.

    • Describe what kids like and don’t like
    • Explain if they have medical conditions others should know about
    • Describe their schedule to arrange visits
    • If necessary, describe what they are like. Some quirks need to be discussed with others ahead of time
  5. 5

    Hired Help

    If families are large, they often need help. Housekeepers, babysitters and gardeners are a few examples. Homemakers need to be able to communicate with them in order to express what has to be done. Here are some useful activities you can do:

    • Go over common chores with your student
    • Review polite requests with would and could
  6. 6

    Local Holidays

    In every country there are significant holidays, days where the local people commemorate or celebrate historic events. Celebrating or at least knowing about these local holidays will demonstrate how respectful they are and how they would like to be a part of the local community. Here are some good activities you can use:

    • Work with a calendar and go over the dates with your student.
    • Have them research and explain what happens in each one.
  7. 7


    This is one of the hardest things that families who move abroad have to manage. Everything is different for the kids, and mom has to be ready to swoop in to rescue them in case things get too difficult. That’s why they have to be prepared. Here they’ll be discussing their kids with teachers. Most of these discussions will be related to what the kids are learning. There could also be meetings regarding their behavior. The following activities can come in handy:

    • Describe what kids know and what they were learning
    • Explain difficulties kids are having
    • Describe feelings children have expressed
  8. 8

    At the Doctor

    Once again, this is a very necessary topic to cover. The family will need to see a doctor or dentist at some point, right? Here mom has a lot to do. She will need to handle the whole situation so the following activities will definitely help.

    • Practice making appointments
    • Explaining what is wrong. Describing symptoms
    • Explaining medical history.

Moving to another country can be very tough, but it can also be an adventure.

If the whole family is prepared for the experience it can be unforgettable.

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