Hi, I Would Like to Check in Please: ESP for Hotel Staff

Hi, I Would Like to Check in Please
ESP for Hotel Staff

Martin Hendrikx
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Teaching ESP (English for Special Purposes not Extra Sensory Perception) does not necessarily have to be a chore.

It can be fun and easy as well. You always have to remember that it is not very different from teaching English on a whole, except that you focus more on the appropriate grammar and vocabulary for the field of the students you are teaching to. Today we will talk about teaching English to hotel staff. There are two main elements we will be talking about. These are the same for all specialized industries, vocabulary and sample phrases. For some great examples, please refer to - https://busyteacher.org/classroom_activities-vocabulary/travellingculture_studies/hotel-worksheets/

Sample Vocabulary

  1. I will start off by giving some sample vocabulary terms pertinent to the hotel industry as well as some example sentences. These terms are Sample Vocabulary your students may need when working in the hotel industry.

  2. 1

    Adjoining rooms – Two hotel rooms with a door which joins them

    If you would like, we can book two adjoining rooms, for you and your children.

  3. 2

    Baggage, luggage – Bags and Suitcases with clothing and personal belongings

    We can send your luggage up to room for you while you check in.

  4. 3

    Bellboy – a person who works for the hotel moving luggage

    The bellboy will be right up with all your baggage Mr. Johnson.

  5. 4

    Fully Booked – When the hotel is full and there are no rooms available

    I am sorry Mr. Henderson; we are fully booked for the next four days.

  6. 5

    Check In – When someone comes into the hotel and receives the keys for his or her room

    You can check in any time after 2 in the afternoon.

  7. 6

    Check Out – When someone returns the keys to the front desk and pays the bill

    When you check out at 11 o’clock tomorrow morning, we will need the keys for the room as well as the parking pass.

  8. 7

    Complimentary (services) – Any services that are free of charge

    Mr. Kingsley, since you are platinum member you have complimentary access to our pool, gym, spa, and breakfast bar.

  9. 8

    Deposit – amount paid ahead of check in in order to secure someone’s reservation

    Unfortunately, we cannot refund your 100 dollar deposit unless you cancel at least 5 hours before check in.

  10. 9

    Double bed and twin sized bed– A bed large enough for two people to sleep on and one person to sleep on.

    Would you like to book a room with a twin or double bed Mrs. Gill?

  11. q

    Floor – Level on which the rooms are located

    Would you like for us to book you a room on the tenth floor?

  12. w

    Housekeeping – Staff members who are responsible for cleaning the rooms and changing the linens

    Housekeeping usually comes around 6 to twin, however if you do not need the cleaning services, just put the “do not disturb” sign on the door.

  13. e

    Jacuzzi, hot tub – a small hot pool usually with jets, for relaxation

    The honeymoon suite comes with its own Jacuzzi.

  14. r

    Kitchenette – A miniature kitchen

    All our double rooms come with a small kitchenette

  15. t

    Maximum capacity – The most amount of people allowed somewhere

    I am sorry sir; however our rooms have a maximum capacity of 5 guests.

  16. y

    Valet – Member of staff that is responsible for parking vehicles

    Would you like me to call the valet and tell him to bring your car to the front?

Front Desk Receptionists

The front desk person is the person who will deal with the customers when they are checking in or checking out. There are several key phrases that will allow them to do their jobs well and leave a good impression. Though some of the following questions are not always applicable most of them will help to clarify any confusion the guest or receptionist may have. The following questions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to useful questions that they may need to use. For more sample questions please refer to this website, which I have recently begun to use more frequently http://www.englishformyjob.com/ell_hotelindustry.html. The site mentioned above will give you excellent tests and ideas for your own classes. I will give you the sample question or comments that the receptionist may use then the hypothetical responses.

Check In

  1. R: Whose name is the reservation under?
    G: The reservation is under my name, James Gill
  2. R: How long will you be staying with us?
    G: We will be staying for three nights.
  3. R: How many people will be staying with your party?
    G: It will be just the two of us.
  4. R: Do you have a credit card we can keep on file?
    G: Sure, here it is.
  5. R: Will you need a wake up call in the morning?
    G: Yes please, can we have it at 7 tomorrow morning, and can you send up a newspaper as well?

Check Out

  1. R: Are you ready to check out sir?
    G: Yes, thank you.
  2. R: Can I have your name and room number please?
    G: My name is James Gill, and I was in room 403.
  3. R: How did you enjoy your stay with us?
    G: It was great, thanks.
  4. R: Your total is $250.49. How will you be paying for this today?
    G: You can just charge it to the card you have on file.
  5. R: Enjoy the rest of your holiday
    G: Thanks enjoy your day.

It is very important to remember that there is no set script for people to follow, however when teaching hotel staff English, it is important to try to have them come up with sample scenarios and act them out with each other.

This allows for the element of spontaneity that would occur when a guest is checking in. It is necessary because guests will not follow a script and the employees will need to be ready for any situation that they may be thrust into.

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