Past Continuous Tense [Fact sheet]

Past Continuous Tense [Fact sheet]

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Past Continuous Tense [Fact sheet]

This is a simple to read and understand fact sheet about the basic structure of a Past-Continuous sentence/s. Indispensable in any TEFL/ESL classroom.

Teachers may hand it out at the end of the Past-Continuous-Lesson so students have the lesson core written out for them already.

I usually teach this class hand-in-hand with an extreme sports video. Which means the students get to learn new vocabulary and verbs too.

I get the students to predict the sports (in "ing" form) and then I show the video & afterwards we check their predictions and they form sentences using the taught tense.
For example: "there was cycling and swimming in the video" or "She was kayaking in the video."

Any video can be used but I chose the GoPro promotional video as it's exciting and it keeps the students awake and attentive! You can find it for here: