7 Great Activities for Reviewing the Future Perfect Progressive

7 Great Activities for Reviewing the Future Perfect Progressive

Susan Verner
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Try These 7 Great Activities for Reviewing the Future Perfect Progressive

  1. 1

    My Evil Twin

    Have your students imagine that they each have an evil twin. Have each person share what his evil twin will have been doing up until a certain time today, this week, this month or this year. For example, one student might say, ‘My evil twin will have been hunting puppies until 5 p.m. today.’

  2. 2

    Ten Years From Now

    What will your students have been doing ten years from now? For how long? Have each person write ten statements describing what he will have been doing and for how long between now and then. For example, ‘I will have been speaking English fluently for seven years at that time.’

  3. 3

    All in a Days Work

    Ask groups of four students to brainstorm a list of between ten and twenty different careers. Then, using those careers, have the group write something a person with that career will have been doing four hours into his or her work shift. For example, ‘Sally, a teacher, will have been giving lessons to her students for four hours.’

  4. 4

    A Busy Semester

    What have your students been doing since the beginning of the semester or marking period? Ask them to list between five and ten activities. Then, challenge them to think about how long they will have been doing these activities once the semester ends. Have each person write a paragraph discussing these activities.

  5. 5

    By the Time

    Have students work in pairs to create sentences in the future perfect progressive. The first student starts by identifying a future time with the phrase By the time followed by a sentence in the simple present. The second student must then complete the sentence with a main clause using the future perfect progressive. For example, a complete sentence could be, ‘By the time I finish War and Peace, I will have been reading for ten years.’

  6. 6

    Cause and Effect

    What might the cause of future events be? Have your students explain cause and effect relationships for future events using the future perfect progressive. Students should phrase the cause in the future perfect progressive and the effect in the simple future. For example, ‘Jane will get an A on Tuesdays test because she will have been studying for three days when she takes it.’

  7. 7

    Leaving a Mark

    Ask your students to think about their lives, both what has already past and what is yet to come. By the end of their lives, what will they have been doing to make the world a better place? What will they have been doing to give their lives meaning? Have students share how they will have been leaving their marks on the world by the end of their lives and how long they will have been doing those things using the future perfect progressive.

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