Summer Wine Snap

Summer Wine Snap

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Summer Wine Snap

This is a warmer I used with my elementary students (though it can be adjusted for any level). The activities are based on the song "Summer Wine" by Lee Hazlewood (1966). Though adjustable, the plan is as follows:
1. Pre-listening (teams or pairs): students receive slips containing information about the song. Each slip is missing some information: names, dates etc. Students read their slips and then fill in the gaps by asking each other questions about the missing pieces of information.
2. Listening (word snap): give out the cards (one set per pair or a team of students). Give the students a couple of minutes to look at the words, make sure they can pronounce them correctly (if they are not sure about the pronunciation, they might not recognize them in the song). As the song is being played, the students have to snap the words as they hear them. The winner is the student or team with the most cards at the end. (Keep an eye on the cards to make sure they take the right ones at the right moment).
3. Follow-up. We rounded this up by having a general discussion about listening to the songs in English, the importance of key words and strategies for more successful listening. You can also work more closely with the lyrics, or use this song as an intro to the topic of Love/Marriage/Relationships etc.

link to the lyrics:

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(one of many, this one has lyrics, but there are some typos -- well, you can have your students spot and correct them!)