Nouns Warmer

Nouns Warmer

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Teacher discusses various topics in the class, the children will talk about people, places & things.

Some of the suggested topics are:

a. Your best friends
b. People in your family
c. Cities and towns you have visited during your vacations
d. Places in the city that you have visited for picnics and for holidays
e. Things that you use daily at home and in school
f. Animals, birds and plants that you have seen

2. Children are asked to collect as many pictures of all the above as possible.
3. They are also asked to write the names of as many of the above in their notebooks
4. Teacher then plays a game with the children.

Four empty shoe boxes labelled – “NAME”, “PLACE”, “ANIMAL”, THING”
Pictures or Word Cards of different names, places, things & animals.

Children form 4 or 5 groups.
They are asked to pick a handful of pictures & word cards from the box then get back to their groups.
The shoe boxes are kept at a distance opposite to their groups.
Teacher now asks one student each to come out from each group. The students have to go near the shoe boxes and put the cards or pictures into the appropriate shoe box. When one student completes his work and returns to his group, the other student goes to the shoe box.
The team to finish first is the winner.

The teacher asks 4 students from the winning group to read out all the cards and describe the pictures from each shoe box. This becomes a revision for the entire class. If any card or picture has been put into the wrong shoe box the students are asked to identify them and also give the correct answer.