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This is a fun way to make your students talk like they would talk in a daily life - improvising dialogues. They work in groups with different topics chosen by you or their class mates. It stimulates to use the vocabulary they have, practice it and make conversations they would in daily life. It is also great to have fun activities in class.


In this speaking exercise you ask students to come to the front and do a little drama/ dialogue.

Procedure :

1. Prepare small cards with different characters (example, pop band singer (2-3), a fan, a police man) or you can ask your students to give the plot of situation (if you have creative students)

2. Ask a number (according to number of characters) come in front and using a lottery choose their character

3. If level of English is low, give few minutes, not more than 5, to prepare, so they know what they will do.

4. Let them improvise!