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863 FREE Reading Worksheets

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Where Does Halloween Come From?Where Does Halloween Come From?

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Shops and ShoppingShops and Shopping

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Questions, questions, questions

•, , Reading,
Question forms revision
20 Intermediate


A worksheet for Cutting Edge Elementary with a key Important dates
19 Elementary


A worksheet for Cutting Edge Starter with a key
14 Complete Beginner

The stress game

•, , Reading
Practice vocabulary related to stress and relaxation
14 Intermediate


lesson plan for deducing the outcome of the holiday.
4 Elementary


lesson plan for matching photographs to written descriptions.
1 Elementary

I didn't do it!

Lesson plan for a reading lesson. ( understanding a jigsaw reading text)
5 Elementary

How do you sleep?

Questionnaire about sleeping habits and match problems with advice.
5 Elementary


Comparing two people's accounts of the same holiday.
3 Elementary


Reading a story and predict what happens next.
4 Elementary

Computer helpline

Practice Reporting verbs
20 Upper Intermediate and Advanced


writing a description of a place or a person with given words.
9 Upper Intermediate and Advanced

Are you experienced?

present perfect simple.
12 Upper Intermediate and Advanced

A life in the day of...

reading,writing,speaking activities about daily routines and present simple tense.
10 Upper Intermediate and Advanced

How is your haggling?

countable and uncountable nouns. ways of expressing quality.
9 Upper Intermediate and Advanced

Alphabet game

20-30 minutes word game. Modal verbs.
10 Upper Intermediate and Advanced

Men and women are from different planets

•, Reading
30-40 minutes activity for groupwork. To read statements and discuss them.
11 Upper Intermediate and Advanced

My kind of people

20 minutes activity. Defining relative clauses. To write sentences and find out who wrote them by asking questions.
19 Upper Intermediate and Advanced

Tomorrow's world

20 minutes activity for groupwork. Future Continious and Future Perfect. To predict information about future. To read information about future and confirm or correct predictions.
26 Upper Intermediate and Advanced

Whose life is it?

30 minutes activity. Talking about future. To fill the questionnaires anonymously and guess who wrote them.
18 Upper Intermediate and Advanced

Your views on technology

30 minutes activity for groupwork. Passive constructions. To read and discuss some comments about technology.
19 Upper Intermediate and Advanced

In the news this week

To work on short news items - writing and answering questions about facts and figures and writing headlines.
14 Intermediate

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