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9,727 FREE Grammar Worksheets

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Connections 1

•Grammar, ,
Verb to be + Adjective Want to + Infinitive
4 Elementary

My Aunt

Like + Noun Like + Infinitive
11 Elementary

Animal Quiz

Verb to be Present Simple Have Got Can (ability)
31 Elementary
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Memory 3

Have got + a/an/some
5 Elementary

What Is Missing?

Have got + a/ an Some/ any Countable/ Uncountable Nouns
29 Elementary
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Memory 2

There is/ There are
5 Elementary

Verb Game

Present Continuous
16 Elementary

Mime Game

Present Continuous
5 Elementary


Personal Pronouns + Verb to be Jobs
15 Elementary

Memory 1

Articles a/an Cardinal numbers +Plural Nouns Food vocabulary
25 Elementary

The Name Game

Personal Pronouns + Verb to be This/These
13 Elementary

Cutting Edge Starter Worksheet - Module 2

Cutting Edge Starter Worksheet - Module 2 Word Order Matching questions and answers Pronoun he or she
1 Complete Beginner

Present Simple (? and -- form)

lesson plan for introducing and practising the interrogative and negative forms of the Present Simple.
15 Elementary

Present Simple

lesson plan for introducing and practising the form and the use of Present Simple affirmative form.
6 Elementary

Then and Now

Practice Present and Past questions
4 Intermediate

Conditional 1

The aim is to show the form and use of the first conditional.
34 Intermediate

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